Creating More Living Space Outdoors

  • Affordable Reupholstering Methods

    9 October 2020

    Linen and other delicate textiles that are used to upholster furnishings can not withstand heavy usage or liquid spills without showing signs of wear. If you are looking for some reupholstery options that are budget-friendly or that will preserve the original fabric coverings, consider purchasing materials upfront, hiring a private upholsterer, or investing in some removable covers. Cheaper And More Sturdy Fabric Options If the linen coverings are in poor shape and you have attempted to sew tears or remove stains and were unsuccessful, invest in a fabric that is cheaper and more resilient than the original fabric type.

  • Are You Outfitting Your Adult Child's First Apartment? 3 Benefits of Choosing an Alenya Sofa

    4 September 2020

    Finding the right furniture for a first apartment takes careful planning and a keen eye for design. While your adult child might be looking for the most stylish options, you also may know that durability is an important quality to look for in a sofa. Now that you are ready to go shopping for this momentous occasion, you can keep these benefits of looking for an Alenya sofa in mind.

  • A Landscaper That Provides These Services Can Be Valuable In The Fall And Winter

    30 November 2016

    When you hire a landscaper, you may be taking advantage of services such as lawn care, maintaining your flowerbeds, and pruning your hedges. Although diverse, the one thing that these tasks have in common is that they're required during the summer. This doesn't mean that you should only partner with a landscaping professional during the warmest months of the year, though. Many landscaping companies offer services that can be valuable throughout the year.

  • Protect Your Home's Foundation Through Proper Gutter System Maintenance

    3 November 2016

    When properly installed, a gutter system can help to protect the foundation of your home from the devastating effects of rainwater. It does this by guiding water away from the home's foundation, something that usually goes a long way towards reducing hydrostatic pressure buildup. By doing so, it usually ends up reducing the rate of foundation crack formation, basement water leaks, and even mold attacks in the home. However, these are benefits that one can only enjoy when his or her gutter system is properly maintained.

  • Was Your Corian Countertop Recently Cracked During A Storm Or Earthquake? What Are Your Repair Options?

    14 October 2016

    Although Corian is an attractive and durable surface material, it's not very flexible—and if your home has recently been affected by area floods, a minor earthquake, or another foundation-shaking weather event, you may find yourself dealing with small cracks in the surface of your kitchen and bathroom countertops. What can you do to fix these blemishes yourself? Read on to learn more about the minor repairs you should be able to handle on your own, as well as a few situations in which professional help may be needed.

  • Install A Birdbath On Your Property That Is Surrounded By A Decorative Border

    19 September 2016

    Install a birdbath that is surrounded by a decorative border by completing the steps below. Afterwards, set up some bench seats around the border so that you can enjoy watching birds as they cool off in the water. Materials measuring tape spray paint (designed for marking the ground) rake garden gloves electric ground tiller garden shovel topsoil birdbath garden hose decorative stones small shovel flowering plants small shrubs bench seats Mark And Clear The Property

  • Three Things You Should Be Using Sand For In Your Yard

    23 August 2016

    If you're trying to map out your landscaping plans for next spring before the fall weather comes in, you should talk with your landscaper about the benefits of building next year's garden with sand. If you're not familiar with the roles that sand can play, there are a few things that you should know. Filler Material Sand makes a great additive to help balance out soil. If you opt for coarse sand, the granules are larger and can settle in between soil components.

  • Easy Ideas For Your Cottage Style Garden

    26 July 2016

    English cottage is one of the most popular styles for landscaping design. Imagine wild profusions of flowers, hidden benches and a romantic getaway in your own yard. That's the appeal of the cottage garden. While such a garden may appear wildly free, in fact it requires a little planning. That said, you can easily implement cottage design ideals to create the lush beauty of such a garden in your backyard.

  • 4 Benefits That Come From Waterproofing Your Basement

    1 July 2016

    Take a moment to check out some of the benefits that come from waterproofing your basement. This way, you will be able to decide if you are ready to have this done to your basement. Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient  This might not be your main reason to waterproof your basement, but it is a benefit that you do not want to ignore. When the basement walls go through the waterproofing process, all of the holes and cracks are going to be sealed.

  • Attractive Alternatives To Four Common And Invasive Landscaping Plants

    7 June 2016

    As you plan out a landscaping project for your yard or garden, you will need to carefully consider which plants to place where. Unfortunately, some of the most popular landscaping plants in use today are also aggressively invasive, spreading to native ecosystems and choking out their competition due to a lack of natural pressures. Rather than give these invasive species a chance to gain a foothold in your area, consider these more containable alternatives.