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Affordable Reupholstering Methods

by Emily Flores

Linen and other delicate textiles that are used to upholster furnishings can not withstand heavy usage or liquid spills without showing signs of wear. If you are looking for some reupholstery options that are budget-friendly or that will preserve the original fabric coverings, consider purchasing materials upfront, hiring a private upholsterer, or investing in some removable covers.

Cheaper And More Sturdy Fabric Options

If the linen coverings are in poor shape and you have attempted to sew tears or remove stains and were unsuccessful, invest in a fabric that is cheaper and more resilient than the original fabric type. Nylon or a cotton blend can provide a soft and durable cover that can handle liquid spills. For a luxurious covering that resembles leather, purchase a vinyl product.

Polyester is another popular textile that is often mixed with other fabric types to provide an end product durability and stain-resistant qualities. If you want to add some decorative items to the upholstery job, such as brass fittings, lace trim, or tufted fabric edging, purchase inexpensive sewing notions from a fabric shop and plan on adding the embellishments yourself.

A basic reupholstery job, which consists of removing the original fabric and securing new upholstery over a furnishing, will not be as costly as an upholstery job that involves adding a lot of extra features to a furnishing.

A Private Upholsterer

Taking your furniture to a large upholstery shop may come with a large price tag and an extensive waitlist. You may be curious as to how the upholstery process is completed and be more comfortable with hiring a private upholsterer who can take measurements, prep your furniture, and provide you with insight about various textile types, all from the comfort of your home. Some upholsterers will charge a flat fee, but others may increase or decrease their rates depending upon the size of a piece of furniture and the complexity of the upholstery job.

Removable Upholstery

If you own pieces that can be disassembled, such as a couch with cushions or a set of chairs that contain seating pads that are washable, removable upholstery is an option that will allow you to keep the existing upholstery and cover it on occasion. Covers that contain zipper panels can be secured around each removable item, allowing you to instantly change the appearance of a piece of furniture. Purchase covers that are machine washable, if possible.

Contact a reupholstery service for more information.