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A Landscaper That Provides These Services Can Be Valuable In The Fall And Winter

by Emily Flores

When you hire a landscaper, you may be taking advantage of services such as lawn care, maintaining your flowerbeds, and pruning your hedges. Although diverse, the one thing that these tasks have in common is that they're required during the summer. This doesn't mean that you should only partner with a landscaping professional during the warmest months of the year, though. Many landscaping companies offer services that can be valuable throughout the year. If you've already had your landscaper working for you for the summer and you're pleased with the quality of the work, see if these off-season tasks are offered.

Taking Care Of Your Leaves

Unless you have a deep desire to get outside and rake the leaves that are covering your yard, your landscaper may be able to provide this service for you. Many landscaping professionals can rake your leaves and dispose of them, as well as offer an alternative. If you've an avid gardener, see if your landscaper can collect the leaves and mulch them. This mulch can then be placed in your gardens to improve the nutrients in the earth, or saved for the spring to place around your plants to slow down the growth of weeds.

Readying Your Yard For The Winter

Ask to see if your landscaper can perform some necessary maintenance jobs ahead of the winter. For example, you may need your smaller trees and hedges wrapped in cloth to protect them against the harsh winter elements, or you may want your lawn seeded in the fall so that it will be healthy and lush in the springtime. Potted plants that have succumbed to the frost can also be removed and placed in the compost, with their pots stacked neatly in your garage or garden shed.

Plowing Your Driveway

Like raking leaves, shoveling your driveway can be a good workout — but it's also something that's nice to have someone handle for you. In order to be valuable to their customers throughout the year, many landscaping services offer driveway plowing once the snow flies. This service is especially useful for those who have large driveways or those whose busy schedule isn't conducive to grabbing a shovel and getting outside each time it snows. Additionally, if you're elderly or you have a bad back, having someone plow your driveway can certainly be enticing. A rep will typically visit your home before the first fall of snow to mark the edges of your driveway with reflective stakes so the plow won't harm your lawn.

Talk with local landscaping companies, like Campbell's Nurseries & Garden Centers Inc, about these services this fall and winter.