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Protect Your Home's Foundation Through Proper Gutter System Maintenance

by Emily Flores

When properly installed, a gutter system can help to protect the foundation of your home from the devastating effects of rainwater. It does this by guiding water away from the home's foundation, something that usually goes a long way towards reducing hydrostatic pressure buildup. By doing so, it usually ends up reducing the rate of foundation crack formation, basement water leaks, and even mold attacks in the home. However, these are benefits that one can only enjoy when his or her gutter system is properly maintained. The following are tips that will help ensure that your system is always up to the task as far as protecting your home's foundation is concerned.

Regularly remove leaves and debris from the gutters system

When leaves, twigs, seeds, and dust particles accumulate on the gutters, they take up space. As a result, they tend to reduce the water-holding capacity of the gutter system. This then increases the chances of rainwater spills since the gutters can't hold as much water as they are supposed to. And since most spills occur directly above the home's foundation, this usually leaves your home vulnerable to the damaging effects of hydrostatic pressure buildup.

Making sure that you regularly remove any accumulated debris from your gutters will go a long way towards reducing this problem. You can also cut down any overhanging branches. Installing gutter guards over your gutter system will keep leaves and other debris away from your gutter system, something that will then reduce the rate of clogging. Doing so will therefore go a long way towards reducing the risks of rainwater damage.

Regularly check and replace gutter hangers

The hangers in your gutter system are responsible for keeping the gutters in place. They help to ensure that the gutters have the slope necessary to ensure that the collected water flows smoothly. When these hangers get stretched, they can cause the gutters to droop. This not only interferes with the sloping of the entire gutter system, but also increases the water-holding capacity of the drooped sections. As a result, water spills will tend to occur at these sections. The same also happens in cases where the hangers are too widely spaced. This is because the widely spaced sections have little to no structural support, something that then increases the risks of these sections crumbling under the weight of the collected water.

Inspect your gutter system and if there are any stretched-out hangers, replace them. Also check and ensure that the hangers aren't too widely spaced. You may have to add more hangers to guarantee a crumble-proof gutter system.