Creating More Living Space Outdoors

Install A Birdbath On Your Property That Is Surrounded By A Decorative Border

by Emily Flores

Install a birdbath that is surrounded by a decorative border by completing the steps below. Afterwards, set up some bench seats around the border so that you can enjoy watching birds as they cool off in the water.


  • measuring tape
  • spray paint (designed for marking the ground)
  • rake
  • garden gloves
  • electric ground tiller
  • garden shovel
  • topsoil
  • birdbath
  • garden hose
  • decorative stones
  • small shovel
  • flowering plants
  • small shrubs
  • bench seats

Mark And Clear The Property

Use a measuring tape and ground spray paint to mark a square-shaped section of your property that you would like to use for the project. Clear large limbs or leaves from the center of the marked section with a rake. Loosen and remove sod by pushing an electric ground tiller across the property in straight lines. Remove the grass from the marked area with a large shovel. Smooth out the ground's surface with a rake. Add topsoil to any uneven surfaces if necessary.

Add A Birdbath, Decorative Stones, And Plants

Place the base of a birdbath firmly in the center portion of the square. Use a garden hose to fill the birdbath with water. Add shovelfuls of decorative stones to the square. Spread the stones out with a rake until they are an even thickness and completely cover the cleared portion of the ground.

Dig holes around the perimeter of the stone-filled square that are deep and wide enough to hold the root system of each flowering plant or shrub that you would like to border the stones. Insert the roots of each item into one of the holes and cover them with soil. Use a garden hose to add water to the bottom of each plant.

Set Up A Sitting Area And Maintain The Birdbath And Plants

Place a couple bench seats next to the border and set up a small table for whenever you would like to relax outdoors and watch the birds that are on your property. The table can be used to hold beverages, food items, books, or any other items that you would like within your reach while you are spending time outdoors. 

Maintain the birdbath by emptying dirty water from it, scrubbing it out, and adding fresh water when needed. Make sure that the plants that are bordering the stones receive plenty of water so that they remain healthy and continue to add beauty to the outdoor sitting area.