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A Guide to HOA Management: What to Expect from a Community Association Management Company

by Emily Flores

If you are a property owner affiliated with a homeowners association (HOA), you understand the importance of having a well-functioning community. Community members can take on the HOA responsibility, but outside companies provide an efficient and impartial management option. An HOA management company can handle everything from organizing meetings to maintaining the community's common areas. As an HOA board member or homeowner, it is imperative to understand how a community association management company can benefit your community and what to expect from them. 


A community association management company should stay in constant communication with the HOA board and homeowners. Effective communication is the key to a thriving community, and a community association management company should strive to keep everyone abreast of upcoming community events, new rules and regulations, and any planned maintenance. Clear and frequent communication ensures that every stakeholder in the community is always aware of what is happening.

Financial Management

It's essential to ensure that the community association's business operations are transparent and financially stable. An HOA management company should provide accurate and timely financial reports and advise the HOA board on managing the community's finances effectively. The management company should also ensure the HOA follows its budget, pays bills and contracts, and uses funds appropriately.

Maintenance Management

A community association management company should provide a comprehensive plan for maintaining the shared areas and amenities. The company should conduct regular inspections, address issues promptly, and coordinate scheduled maintenance to ensure all common areas remain in good condition. HOA governing board members should work with the management company to ensure safety measures are in place to prevent accidents or incidents. 

Legal Expertise

An HOA management company must have a good understanding of the governing laws that apply to the community. Knowing the laws helps ensure the HOA does not cross boundaries that can lead to legal issues. The management company should also provide guidance to the board on legal issues or concerns that might arise, including governing document interpretation, contract review, and dispute resolution.

Support from Dedicated Professionals

Community association management companies should have a team of dedicated professionals who understand how to manage businesses. The team should aim to provide the best customer service and always strive to meet the community and homeowners' needs. The team should be available to address concerns, answer questions, and explain any unclear community rules and regulations.

A community association management company provides homeowners, HOA boards, and community managers with effective communication, high-quality financial management, proper maintenance measures, legal expertise, and the support of a dedicated team of professionals. A community association management company can significantly contribute to the success of an HOA. By providing proper management and ensuring the community's affairs are well taken care of, an HOA management company can facilitate a safe and thriving environment for every homeowner in the community. 

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