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Choices To Consider When You Order A Custom Chandelier

by Emily Flores

When you wish to buy a new chandelier for your home, it's common to start by assessing the products for sale at your local lighting store. It's possible that you won't see any lighting fixtures that fully excite you, which can leave you wondering how to proceed. A good option to consider is to find a company online that builds custom chandeliers. You can speak to a representative, discuss exactly what you're looking for, and have the company build you a one-of-a-kind piece to hang in your home. Here are some choices that you'll have when you order a custom chandelier.


One thing that will important to think about is how many lights you want your custom chandelier to have. It's useful to think about the light in the area where you wish to hang this fixture. If the area is dark due to a lack of windows in the vicinity and you want to make the space feel bright and open, choosing a chandelier design that has a large number of lights will likely be your best bet. Conversely, if you're looking for a subtle light source in an area that is already reasonably lit, a smaller number of lights can be sufficient.


You'll also need to think about some height-related topics. Namely, you should decide how tall you want the chandelier itself to be, and how low it will hang from the ceiling. These measurements will largely depend on where you plan to hang the chandelier. In a room with a tall ceiling, such as the foyer of a luxury home, you have the freedom to have a tall chandelier that hangs well below the ceiling. In a standard room, however, you may want a chandelier that has more of a compact design so that it doesn't hang too low.


Few things will impact the overall look of your custom chandelier as much as the color of the material from which it's made. Your custom chandelier company can create fixtures in many different materials and colors. For example, you might like brass, brushed aluminum, or a black iron look. For something more subtle, you may wish to choose a metal that is painted white so that it partially blends into the ceiling and surrounding walls. Think about what other metal elements are in the space so that you can choose a material and color that look complementary. Look online to learn more about custom chandeliers.

For more information on custom chandeliers, contact a company near you.