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Three Ways To Update Your Bathroom With Modern Lighting

by Emily Flores

Giving your bathroom a modern style update doesn't necessarily mean doing a complete remodel. The right lighting fixtures can transform the look of the room, illuminating the vanity and bringing a beautiful touch to the space. Here are just some of the many options for modern lighting fixtures you can use to give your bathroom a style boost. 

LED Backlighting

LED backlighting can be used to accent fixtures in your bathroom, such as vanity mirrors. The subtle illumination casts a warm glow in the room and offers soft-focus lighting effects to brighten your face while applying makeup or styling your hair. You can achieve this design aesthetic by placing LED light strips behind the vanity mirror at the top and bottom. If your bathroom features medicine cabinets instead of standalone mirrors, use the strips to surround the cabinet for a beautifully lit frame. LED light strips come in an array of colors, and you can even find options with different lighting effects so you can change the hue to match your mood. 

Geometric Vanity Lights And Sconces 

Vanity lights may be a common choice in bathrooms, but an updated modern take can transform your room. Instead of opting for three-light bar fixtures with round globes or fluted glass lamp shades, go for a bold geometric touch. Square lamp shades in frosted white or ivory create a contemporary touch to complement the rest of your bathroom decor, and rectangular shades add extra depth and dimension to your wall. Pair these fixtures with long-lasting LED bulbs to complete the aesthetic. Pair these lights with matching sconces to give the space a cohesive look. Sconces can be placed on either side of your vanity mirrors as well as on each side of the door to carry the geometric style throughout the room. Consider adding an extra pair on the sides of your shower or tub for a perfect finishing touch. 

Waterproof Ceiling Lights

One place to consider adding modern lighting to is the shower/tub area. Brightening the shower area creates more of a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom while adding a fun yet functional upgrade. Waterproof LED lights for showers come in an array of designs, so you can select the right option to fit your space. Color-changing lights add a playful touch, and lights with built-in Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy your favorite tunes as you bathe. Look for models with smart technology so you can pair the light with your other smart devices. You'll be able to turn on the lights and the music from your phone or with the sound of your voice for a truly modern amenity.