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3 Types Of Epoxy Floors You Can Install In Your Home

by Emily Flores

Floors are vital elements of any home. They can tell visitors about your personality, ideals, and culture. But with several options out there, selecting a suitable one can be difficult. Epoxy floors can help you make a statement in various ways. If you're considering epoxy floors, here are three types you can install in your home.

1. Self–Leveling

If your home has damaged concrete floors, these floors can be a great option. They'll seal the cracks and dents and increase the aesthetics of your home through their seamless, shiny, and smooth surface.

These floors also come in many colors that can match your decor perfectly. Working with a flooring professional will help you find a suitable option that will satisfy your needs. These professionals will also tell you how to maintain the floor to minimize wear and tear. Because of their durability and outstanding aesthetic appeal, these floors can be installed in visible areas such as the living room and high-traffic areas such as the kitchen. Despite their smooth nature, they can also be great for outdoor applications.

2. Quartz

These epoxy floors are created from quartz grains and epoxy. This combination makes them durable, slip-resistant, and stronger. The quartz grains also make this flooring decorative and robust. If you have children and pets who run around the house all the time, installing this floor will lessen your worry of constant replacement or repair.  Their anti-slip nature makes them ideal for bathrooms, toilets, and other areas that are frequently wet.

The installation of quartz epoxy floors requires skill. That's why it's vital to let a flooring specialist do it for you. These professionals know how to mix the correct quantity of quartz grains and epoxy to come up with a floor you'll love. They can also customize and use it to decorate other rooms.

3. Flake

These floors are created when epoxy is mixed with flakes. They're customizable and can allow you to add your personality and taste to your space. Their many colors can also enable you to create a creative look in your rooms. If your interior has multiple colors, the flakes will allow you to match the floor with all those colors, creating a glowing look. Like quartz, flake is slip-resistant, thanks to the small divots created when it dries. This means you can install it in rooms that need slip-resistant qualities. Letting a flooring specialist do the installation will ensure it's appropriately mounted.

Epoxy floors are known for their durability and look. Working with a flooring professional will help you find a suitable option for your home and decor.