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Myths About Residential Wood Flooring

by Emily Flores

Depending on the age of your house, it may be approaching the point where the flooring will need to be replaced or upgraded. There are many options of flooring that are available to homeowners considering this project. While wood flooring systems can be among the most attractive and affordable, there can also be significant misunderstandings when it concerns what should be expected from this flooring solution.

Myth: Wood Flooring Will Always Be The Same Color

One assumption about wood flooring systems is that there will be little difference in the colors that are available. In reality, there is a significant amount of variation between the different types of wood flooring systems that can be chosen. The color and texture pattern of the flooring will depend on the type of wood that was used in it. As a result, you can expect to find wood flooring systems that are in a variety of colors and shades. This can be especially useful when you have a particular design or color scheme that you are wanting for your home's interior.

Myth: It Is Hard To Repair Wood Floors With Scratched Sections

Homeowners will often be under the impression that it will be impossible or extremely difficult to repair sections of their wood flooring that have suffered serious scratches. If the scratches are shallow, it may be possible to repair them by refinishing the wood flooring. During the refinishing process, professionals can remove the top layer of the wood flooring so that the scratches will no longer be visible. In situations where the scratches extend deep into the wood flooring, it can be possible to replace the wood flooring panels that have suffered this damage.

Myth: Wood Flooring Will Always Buckle

Buckling floor panels can be a disruptive problem for any home. In addition to increasing the risk of tripping while walking through the house, this can also weaken the floors so that they are more likely to experience a range of other problems in the future. Some homeowners may assume that wood flooring will always buckle fairly soon after it has been installed. However, this is not generally a problem for wood flooring that was professional installed in the home. You can further reduce the risk of floor buckling in the future by minimizing the amount of moisture that comes into contact with the floor. Moisture exposure is a leading cause of this problem as it can cause the wood to swell to the point where the panels no longer fit together correctly.

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