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Understanding Double-Pane Window Seal Repair

by Emily Flores

When it comes to choosing windows that offer insulating benefits and a long lifespan, double-pane windows are a common choice. These windows feature two separate glass panes separated by a sealed layer of gas or air for insulation. Unfortunately, the seal that retains that air or gas may fail over time. If you don't know what to look for, you may miss it and find yourself with higher climate control costs due to the lost insulation.

What Are The Signs Of a Failed Window Seal?

When the seal lets go on a double-pane window, it becomes visually obvious. You may see some moisture accumulating in between the panes of glass. If you see droplets on the glass that you can't wipe away from either side, that's a good indication. That moisture accumulation can also lead to a foggy or hazy appearance through the glass. Just make sure that the windows are clean, because dirt or film on either glass panel can cause this, too.

How Can You Deal With a Failed Window Seal?

There are several different options for dealing with a failing seal on double-pane windows. The first and most common choice is often just to replace the windows altogether. If the frame around the window is damaged as well, that's usually a good time to do that. You can opt for the same style window or perhaps install something with a bit more insulating value.

If the window frame is in good condition, though, you may not need to replace the whole thing. If you work with a glazier, he or she can replace just the glass itself. This is often more affordable than replacing the entire window because it requires less labor and you don't have to pay for the new frame.

In other cases, you can avoid replacement completely by having the seal restored. Some residential glass repair services can actually draw out all of the moisture between the glass, replacing it with dry air or gas. The process uses a valve to extract the moisture. Once the space is dry and the new air pocket created, the panes can be sealed again to restore that insulating pocket.

If you're seeing the signs of failing double-pane window seals, addressing them early may make it easier to fix the problem. Talk with a local window repair service today to see what they can do. They'll often send someone out to evaluate your windows in person and give you a direct recommendation based on their condition.