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3 Tips For Protecting Your Self Storage Unit From Pests

by Emily Flores

Self storage units can help you store all of those items that you just don't have the room to store in your home anymore but just can't bring yourself to part with. Unfortunately, one of the problems that you will have to contend with while storing these items is keeping pests out of your storage unit. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of some preventative measures you can take to ensure that pests don't make their way into your storage unit.

Do Not Store Plants

Plants can create the perfect conditions for pests to make their home. Foliage creates dark, secludes areas in which insects like termites love to make their nests, and the fact that soil is often times moist gives bugs an extra incentive to take up residence in your storage unit. This, among other reasons (namely, that plants cannot flourish in storage units), is why you should not store plants in your storage units. If you plan on storing gardening tools in a storage unit, make sure that they are clean and free of any soil or debris that may have found their way onto the tools after a toiling session.

Do Not Store Garbage

It may be surprising for you to learn that many people store items that could be considered garbage or will eventually become garbage. Perishable goods, like food, as well as items that could be considered "trash" – like food laden paper or cardboard – should never find their way into a storage unit. This can create conditions in which pests will enter your unit looking for a meal. It is also recommended that you scan the areas surrounding your storage unit and pick up any litter or debris that has made its way into the area. Rodents and insects looking for food can pick up on the scent of trash and invade your storage unit with ease.

Wash Clothes and Cloth

Before putting your clothes and cloth-based items like linen and drapes into storage, make sure that they are sufficiently clean. Unclean environments can basically create feasting conditions for pests, especially rats and cockroaches. It is also imperative that all clean items are also dry. You don't want excess moisture attracting pests into your storage unit.

This brief guide should have given you some idea of how to prevent pests from entering your storage unit. Take the time to take a few preventative measures against pests entering your storage unit. Contact a facility, such as Regency Self Storage, for more information.