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Treat Yourself To Easy Elegance: 2 Fresh Ways To Vastly Improve Your Kitchen

by Emily Flores

With all of the innovative kitchen appliances designed in the last few years, customizing your food-prep and cooking areas can save you time and help keep you healthy. There are a few quick and simple choices you can make to create your own updated, hi-tech kitchen.

Consider the fresh-coffee-plus-fresh-air combo as an easy kitchen makeover:

Start by kicking out stale air

Proper ventilation is one often-overlooked detail that will help keep your home fresh and your kitchen comfy year round. Your kitchen exhaust fan can also affect your health.

Poor indoor air quality can easily make you sick. Excess humidity built up during cooking can damage walls and increase mold growth. Surfaces in poorly-ventilated rooms often grow dingy and are hard to clean. If you want to breathe healthy air, protect your home from damage and reduce your cleaning chores, you need the best ventilation system installed in your kitchen.

Get rid of your range hood and exhaust fan if they are over 10 years old. Today's kitchen ventilation systems are designed to be more energy efficient, less noisy and easier to clean.

There are various levels of performance among kitchen exhaust systems. Selections include professional-quality ventilation systems for families who like to grill indoors or who have indoor pizza ovens or other very hot appliances. If your kitchen never had a ventilation system or you're designing a new kitchen, it's easy to install a sophisticated low-profile range hood or a powerful wall system without changing room plans.

Invite hi-tech Joe to come live at your house

If you depend on coffee to make it through the day, you owe it to yourself to create a grown-up beverage station. A built-in coffee maker is one of the nicest ways to take care of yourself.

Built-in coffee makers fit wherever you choose to place them, seamlessly tucked into cabinets as if they've always belonged right there with a cup of goodness ready at your fingertips. Press a button and your coffee is in the cup before you have a chance to yawn, and it's prepared just the way you like it.

A built-in coffee maker will need its own water hookup, but in exchange, you'll never have to fumble with a glass carafe under the faucet or guess how much coffee to use for half a pot. Once you set your coffee maker to your preferences, it will make your cup the same way every time.

Choose a built-in java machine that has multiple personalized settings for a household full of coffee drinkers. A frothing wand and hot water delivery spout allow for customized hot drinks and teas. Make sure your coffee maker has an adjustable height capability for taller mugs, and be sure the display is easy to read even on your groggiest mornings.

Having a clean-smelling home no matter what's cooking and fresh coffee at your command were once only dreams of homeowners. With today's innovative appliances, such as from Thermador Appliances, you can live those dreams now.