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Troubleshooting Your Roller Shade Blinds

by Emily Flores

Roller shades provide a stylish and accommodating way to gain privacy in your home. While installing roller shades is usually simple, there are some potential problems that could arise after installation occurs.

Here are three problems you might face, and some simple ways to correct them so that your roller shades will work properly.

1. When rolling up, the shade drifts to one side.

Properly installed roller shades should roll up without drifting to one side or the other. When drifting occurs, the fabric that makes up the shade can begin to fray. If you notice that your roller shade is not rolling evenly, you need to check the brackets that mount the roller shade to your window frame.

If the brackets are loose, the shade will not function properly. Tighten the brackets with a screwdriver, and use a level to ensure that the shade is properly aligned to prevent drifting in the future.

2. The shade is difficult to move up or down using the chain.

Many roller shades are operated using a chain that is pulled to roll the shade up or release the shade to cover your home's window. If you find that your roller shades are difficult to move using the chain after they have been installed, you may have broken some of the plastic beads off the chain during installation.

You can use a joining link to repair the damage and restore the functionality of your roller shade. To add a joining link to your shade's chain, remove the shade from the brackets and manually roll the fabric back to the starting position.

Remove the damaged section of chain by cutting away broken beads, then connect each end of the chain to the joining link. Ensure that the joining link is positioned so that as the shade rolls down the link travels below the fabric and in the same direction as the shade.

3. Make sure your roller shade is child-safe.

If you have young children in your home, it's essential that you take the time to make your newly-installed roller blinds safe for your children to be around. Children are especially prone to becoming entangled in the cords that operate roller shades and succumbing to strangulation because their heads are proportionately larger than an adult's head.

The brain reaches approximately three-quarters of its final size by the time a toddler is two years old, because the head must be large to accommodate the size of the brain. By taking the time to attach clips or tie-backs that keep cords out of the reach of young children, you can protect your kids from strangulation in roller shade cords the future.

Installing roller shades in your home can be beneficial, but only if you are able to maintain proper functionality. Ensure your shades are level, the chain is intact, and cords are kept safely away from children to get the most out of your roller shades in the future. Contact a drapery and blinds expert, like those at House Of Drapery and other locations, for more information.