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3 Things To Check When Your Sprinkler System Isn't Working Properly

by Emily Flores

When your sprinkler system isn't working properly, you're literally pouring money down the drain. It's vital to make sure that you spot problems with the sprinkler system as quickly as possible so that you can adjust or replace the faulty portion. Once your sprinklers are back in good working order, you won't have to worry about water not getting to the right places in your garden.

Check the Sprinkler Heads

If your sprinkler heads are broken or dirty, they won't operate properly. So the first thing to do is to take a look at each sprinkler head to see if you can determine whether the head is cracked or broken. If the heads aren't displaying any physical damage, unscrew them and dip them into a bucket of warm water to rinse out any debris or dirt that could be clogging them. Rinse well, and put the heads back in place. Make sure that you adjust the heads after replacing or cleaning them to make sure that they're pointed properly and that they turn on when they should.

Check the Valves on the Backflow Device

Sometimes the sprinkler heads don't pop up because they're broken, but if you've already checked them and they're still not popping up, low water pressure could be the problem. Check the valves on the backflow device first to make sure that they're fully open. Once you verify they're fully open, make sure that corrects the problem. After checking the backflow device, make sure that the connection between the house and the sprinkler system is working properly, too. Poor water pressure throughout the entire house could mean bigger issues with your water overall.

Look for Leaks

Presuming the backflow device is fully on and you still have low pressure issues, look for leaks anywhere that you can see the water lines of your sprinkler system. Follow them all around the yard with the system turned on. Look for signs such as puddles where there shouldn't be any, running water in an odd location, or bubbling streams of water. Trace the water to its source and see what kind of leak you're dealing with. If it's something that you can fix with a slip coupling or a patch, try that first. Large leaks necessitate replacing the line altogether.

For larger problems, you need to talk to an expert in sprinkler repair. Contact someone today who can look at your sprinkler system for you and find just the right solution.