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9 Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Visiting Family And Friends

by Emily Flores

Bed bugs can be found in a number of unusual locations. Unfortunately, your friends and families are not exempt from having them. If you are visiting relatives this summer and want to avoid bringing home bed bugs, there is a way to keep you and your family bed bug free without creating an uncomfortable situation for your hosts. 

  1. Line your suitcases with plastic. When you and your family are packing, line everyone's suitcases with plastic. The plastic will make it tougher for bed bugs to hitch a ride at your friends or family's home. 
  2. Put your suitcases in the bathroom. After your arrival, carry your bags straight into the bathroom you and your family will be using. Bed bugs do not have too many hiding places in the bathroom.
  3. Inspect the dressers. Take time to inspect the dressers in each room you and your family is using before placing any clothing in them. 
  4. Use the closets. Hang up your clothes up after inspecting the closet for signs of bed bugs. This helps to keep them off the floor and away from the bugs. If you do see signs of bed bugs, keep your clothes in the suitcases for the duration of your stay. 
  5. Inspect the bedding. When you are able to discreetly check the mattress and bedding, do so. If you have a flashlight handy, use it to ensure that you do not miss any signs. 
  6. Check the nightstand and baseboards. The nightstand, baseboards, and other furniture are prime hiding locations for bugs. Use your flashlight to look for signs of bed bugs.
  7. Ensure everything is packed tightly. When it is time to go home, ensure everything is enclosed in the plastic-lined suitcases. If you and your family did pick up any bugs, the bags will help seal them in until you reach home. 
  8. Unpack in the garage. It might sound strange, but take your suitcases to the garage. It will be easier to deal with bed bugs in the garage than throughout the rest of your home.
  9. Wash the clothes immediately. After unpacking, wash and dry the clothes immediately. Toss the plastic liners in an outside trash bin. 

By taking precautions before, during, and after your trip, you can avoid a feeling of regret after visiting family and friends. Simple actions can not only help you avoid taking home bed bugs, but can help avoid an embarrassing situation with your friends and family. If you do think there are bed bugs in your home, contact an exterminator, like Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control, sooner rather than later.