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You Can Replace Broken Storm Window Glass On Your Own

by Emily Flores

Your storm windows are a way to help protect your house's windows during the winter or during severe weather. They just add in another level of protection before anything gets to your house's windows. The storm windows can also help to keep out drafts and keep your house warmer during the winter. These windows sometimes get broken. You can replace the glass in them yourself, if you choose to. 

Measure the Frame

Before you do any replacement, you need to make sure that you have the right size glass. That means that you need to measure the size of the frame. However, if the glass is completely out of the frame, the frame may end up slightly skewed. In order to make sure that it is nice and square, you can do something like place it on a counter or table. Match up the edges of the frame with the edges or the table or counter. That should make sure that the frame is square. Measure from the inside of the frame to the inside of the other side. You want to have the horizontal measurements, the vertical measurements, and get a diagonal measurement as well. 

Get the Glass

You can get the glass at a home improvement store. They should have a variety of pre-cut glass, so you should have no problem finding the right size. However, if you want a particular kind of glass or you have an oddly sized window, you may have to get them to cut a piece of glass for you. You can also talk to a replacement glass company. They will have a larger selection. You could get specialty glass there, if you choose.

Clear the Spline

The spline is the rubbery substance that you will find in the channels of the inside part of the window frame. You don't want to reuse the old spline. Just take a butter knife or a flat head screwdriver and dig it out of that channel. Generally, once you get some of it out, you can just pull the rest out. 

Get Rid of Any Glass

If there is any glass left behind, you need to very carefully take it out of the frame. Wear gloves while you are doing this as well as some kind of eye protection. It's better to do everything you can to make sure that you are safe than to end up at the hospital for stitches. 

Place the New Glass

Carefully place the new glass in the channel in the frame. Again, wear gloves. When you have the glass so that it fits perfectly, it's time to put in the new spline. You can get this where you get the glass. Slide it next to the edge of the glass and use something like your screwdriver or a putty knife to make sure it goes into the channel. When you get one side done, carefully flip over the window and do the same thing to the other side. 

That's all it takes to replace the broken glass in your storm window. However, if you don't feel like it's something that you want to deal with, you can always take the window into a glass replacement company or have them come out to your house to fix it. Contact a company like United Glass Service Inc to learn more.