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Tips For Choosing The Best Carpeting For Your Home

by Emily Flores

There are things to consider besides price and color when you shop for new carpeting. You need to pick carpet that matches your lifestyle so it lasts longer and maintains its appearance. There are so many options available that it's easy to get overwhelmed. Here are a few things to think about when trying to find the best carpeting for your home.

Foot Traffic

If you have kids or always seem to have a lot of guests in your home, you want carpeting that is durable and stands up to a lot of wear. If you'll place carpet near patio doors to a swimming pool or near an exit door to the outside, then you want something that hides dirt and resists stains. Carpet durability depends on the type of material used in its construction, as well as the type of texture it has. Nylon carpeting and carpets with looped textures tend to hold up well under a lot of foot traffic because the fibers bounce back to their normal shape after being crushed underfoot. Carpet with a lot of texture and depth hide dirt and camouflage stains.


If you're a pet lover and think your home will always have dogs or cats in it, then you should buy carpeting with your pets in mind. It's probably best to avoid looped piles because these can catch toenails as your dog or cat walks across the carpet. Cut loops are much better. Cut-loop pile is a popular type of carpeting that has an even, soft appearance. It is a good choice for homes with pets and kids because it is durable and easy to clean. The pile is very dense, so it hides dirt and pet hair well. However, you should also choose a color that hides pet hair. White or light colors are probably not the best when you have pets in the home. Also, consider installing carpet squares rather than single sheets of carpet. If your pet destroys a section of the carpet, you can then repair it by replacing a single square.

Formal Rooms

If you don't have kids or pets to worry about, you may prefer plush carpets. Even if you do have kids, you may want plush carpeting in a formal living or dining room. These velvety carpets have a luxury feel and appearance, and they are not suitable for floors that get a lot of foot traffic. They show footprints and vacuum trails, and they require a lot of maintenance. Plush, velvet carpet is a good choice when you want to create a formal room presentation.


No matter what type of carpeting you install, you'll need to vacuum it regularly to protect the fibers. You should also clean spills immediately to prevent stains. However, some materials require less maintenance than others. Wool and nylon are good choices for carpet because they wear well and are made into a wide variety of piles and textures.

However, natural fibers may not be the best choice for rooms that get a lot of sunlight since they can fade over time. You may need to cover part of the carpet with area rugs and rotate your furniture often so the carpet fades evenly. Carpeting made from synthetic materials may not have the resilience of natural fibers, but they resist stains and fading more readily. Pile and twist affects durability too. Dense carpets hide dirt, and they show less wear since the densely packed loops hold each other in place.

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