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3 Extra Services Your Carpet Cleaner Can Do

by Emily Flores

Carpets are fickle things in your home. While they might be aesthetically and texturally pleasing, they often attract loads of dirt and other stains. Luckily, when this happens you can often call a carpet cleaner to come out and fix things right up. But, did you know that a carpet cleaner also offers a wide variety of services that do not involve carpets? So the next time you hire a carpet cleaner you might also have them...

Clean Your Other Floors

A carpet cleaning service generally extends their cleaning services to other floor types beside carpets. This means that they can handle your tile or wooden flooring as well. Indeed, a carpet cleaner can get all that trapped in dirt that stays hidden away in your wooden flooring, as well as a thorough cleaning of those hard-to-reach places. They also will machine scrub the floor after they are done, leaving your wooden floor with a healthy, revitalized shine.

This applies to tile too, as the company can work out those ground-in stains left in the grout between tiles. This is in addition to a very thorough cleaning of the tile itself, as your cleaner can disinfect the entire area. In fact, you can even have them clean your shower or countertops in your kitchen as well, meaning they'll take care of practically the entire room for you.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

A cleaner can even help tidy up that old couch or recliner you may have in your home. A cleaner can deodorize your furniture in addition to cleaning it, which can help remove old worn-in smells like smoke or pet odor. This can transform a piece that you were ready to throw out back into being a welcome part of the household. The cleaning company can also can seal your furniture with a protector that will protect it from future stains, leaving your furniture not only fresh smelling, but good looking for ages to come.

Air Duct Cleaning

A cleaning professional can also help flush out all the dust and debris that might be clogging up your ventilation systems. This will improve the air quality of your home as there will be less allergens floating around. It doesn't just stop at cleaner air either, when you have your air duct cleaned you might also be pleasantly surprised to see a reduction in your heating in air cost too. This is because your central air system can lose a lot of efficiency if the system becomes clogged with debris.

As you can see, however, when it comes to a carpet cleaning service there is more than meets the eye. So the next time you consider hiring a professional like Gallent Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to your home, consider extending their services beyond simply cleaning your carpets.