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How To Throw A Bird-Themed Party For The Birdwatcher In Your Life

by Emily Flores

Are you tired of birthday parties that consist of the same old cake, ice cream, and party games? Unfortunately, many parties lack creativity. When you take the extra steps necessary to design a party geared towards a hobby your friend or family member is passionate about, it shows you care.

If you have a friend or family member who loves the sport of birdwatching, a bird-themed bash is the perfect remedy for avoiding birthday party boredom.

Getting Started

Make sure you let the guests know it's a bird-themed party. You should state this on the invitations. If you can't find any bird-themed invitations, you should consider making your own. Plain white invitations can be decorated with small bird stickers if needed. Bird stickers are available in most craft or department stores.

Gifts for birders

You should encourage everyone to bring a gift related to birdwatching. Bags of bird seed, bird feeders, updated field guides, birding journals, bird-themed jewelry, subscriptions to birding magazines, calendars, and birding books all make great gifts.

Bird houses are always welcome gifts for birders. Whether you choose a bird houses with a rustic theme, or whimsical style bird houses, your bird lover will be delighted. There's always room for one more bird house in the life of an avid birder.

Getting creative with food and decorations

You should contact your favorite bakery to see what they offer for bird-themed cakes. You can usually buy cupcakes that look like birds or owls. Raffia can be used to create bird nests to sit the cupcakes in, if desired.

You can ask your bakery to decorate the cake by drawing binoculars, bird houses, bird feeders, or colorful birds on the cake. If you choose to make your own cake, you can create nests out of frosting and place a few candy eggs in the nests. You can also purchase plastic birds at craft stores to use for decorating.

A birdcage makes a great centerpiece for the table. A large bird bath can be used as a drink cooler to hold ice and beverages.

A mixture of assorted nuts, raisins, shelled pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and dried fruit makes a delightful snack mix for the party and resembles bird seed. Bird nest snacks are a fun treat that will brighten the food table.

Bird trivia

Search online for some unusual bird facts to print out as trivia questions. Make sure you print out the answers. Not only will your guests learn things about birds they never knew, your guest of honor will enjoy sharing a little knowledge about their feathered friends with the party guests.

Why throw a boring party when you can create a bash that will leave a lasting impression on your loved one? A bird-themed party will thrill the birdwatcher in your life and show them how much you care.